Winnipeg Jets

The last but not the least in this series of my redesigns are the Jets from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Maybe I'm a little bit nostalgic here, but I think the original Jets franchise had a much better look than the new one. New logo is a boring piece of work. A vectorstock image of a jet … Continue reading Winnipeg Jets


Washington Capitals

Capitals' uniforms aren't that bad, but I went another way. I took inspiration for these uniforms from two sources; Washington Wizards's marvelous uniform designs as well as from the Capitals' Winter Classics jersey a while back. I think that combination works pretty well here!  

Vancouver Canucks

Oh boy that "stick-in-rink" logo. It's one of those masterpieces that just makes you jealous simply because you didn't come up with it yourself. Pure classic! But nothing away their modern logo, it's great as well! There's something in native americans art that just hits the spot. That totem-like design is really nice peace of … Continue reading Vancouver Canucks

St. Louis Blues

One of my favourite color scheme in NHL. Maybe because it's so close to the colors of one Charlestown Chiefs... Blues' logo is also one of the best in the league - simple winged note. That's just so cool. So I didn't do much changes for the Blues either. Just ran it through my simplyfying … Continue reading St. Louis Blues